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The SEC 411 – 76 | This Is Vanderbilt’s Year To Win The SEC…No, Not Really

We’re now in August which means that the start of college football is just a few weeks away. I think we’re all ready to kick this thing off.

If off-season content is something you want, you’re going to be sorely disappointed if you’re an LSU fan. First year head coach Ed Orgeron has shut the media out of summer scrimmages. Bird and Seth debate whether or not this is a good or bad thing.

August means the start of the season is fast approaching but it also means restless kids. And when kids get restless, they seem to get themselves into trouble. This is the case with Alabama’s Da’Shawn Hand and Missouri’s O’Shea Clark. How heavy handed should the disciplinary measures be for these players? Tune in and find out.

SEC! SEC! SEC! That’s a chant that everyone has heard. The implication from SEC fans is that it is the best conference in all of the land. Is that true? Does it even matter? Nick Saban doesn’t think it matters.

Speaking of Nick Saban, he’s won the SEC five times and been to Atlanta six times. All he seems to do is win the SEC. Can anyone slow Saban and Alabama down this year? Or is a return trip to Atlanta a foregone conclusion? In case you were wondering, Bird thinks the conference travels through Auburn this year. Which team from the East will the West division champ will play in the SEC championship? Does it really matter? Probably not.

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